Stuff It To Impress…Peppers and Acorn Squash That Is.


Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Cake Cookies
– Despite the flat and unappealing appearance of this batch, they were yummy.  “Why are they flat?” You may be wondering.  Or, maybe you are like me and could care less as long as they are good. For those who do care, there are lots of reasons cookies end up flat.  In my case, a warm baking stone was the culprit. I set the baking stone on the oven while preheating … oops.

Chocolate Orange Avocado Pudding – What feels good on a strep ridden sore throat? Pudding!  No, not store bought pudding laden with sugar, chemicals, and who knows what else??? A creamy homemade chocolate pudding with an orange juice kick.  The avocado is undetectable from a taste standpoint; however, the creaminess is heavenly.


Mexican Stuffed Bell Peppers with Chipotle Roasted Carrots – This is such a cook and crowd pleaser meal.  It’s easy to make, beautifully colorful, and delicious.  The carrots accompany this meal perfectly too.  Gotta give credit to my little one for the carrot seasonings.  Her inspiration source: many o’ episodes of America’s Worst Cook during a recent snowpocalypse in our area 🙂

Stuffed Acorn Squash with Organic Greens – Here’s another impressive option for entertaining – guests eat from individual squash bowls.  The organic greens make a perfect side. The original recipe calls for ground turkey. This time, I made it with bacon. Outcome: great success!

Roasted Tomato Soup with Oven Baked Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwiches – Yep, you’ve seen these recipes here before.  This is an easy go to meal that tastes like someone slaved in the kitchen when it’s quite the opposite.  And the sandwiches…oh my! The roasted tomatoes, stolen from the soup recipe, take these to a whole new level.

Hope something makes your belly smile…

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